Deregulation and You

How Competitive Energy Markets Affect Your Budget

In order to understand how to shop for electricity providers, you’ve also got to understand how deregulation works and what advantages it offers shoppers in your area.

Natural Gas and Electricity Providers: A History

As the electricity and natural gas use in our country has grown over the years, so has the infrastructure of electrical wires and natural gas pipes required to delivery energy to homes and businesses. To ensure service for all, these systems were merged together to form a national electricity and natural gas grid. One utility provider was designated for each area to make sure everyone had power and/or gas. With this system, local utilities had a monopoly on their customers' energy, so they could essentially charge whatever they wanted.

In the 90s, energy markets began to deregulate. While some areas still have just one supplier and one choice when it comes to energy, more and more states have moved towards deregulation. That means energy customers get to choose who supplies their energy.

Deregulated Markets in the U.S.

Deregulation Map

The Power of Choice

If you live in one of the deregulated markets above, you have the power to shop for competitive energy supply rates. Switching to a new supplier is simple. You don’t have to make any changes when it comes to the way you use your electricity or the way it is delivered to your home. Regardless of what energy supplier you select, you will receive the same identical service, the same quality and the same delivery to your home. The only thing you'll notice is your new rates!

Simply enter your ZIP code above to see what energy deals are available in your area. See different types of products and rates, choose your terms and service, even sort by green energy or rewards programs. When you find a product you like, you can sign up with one easy phone call. No one will have to come to your home and you won’t have to change the way you use your energy at all. The same power will be delivered to your home. Only now, thanks to deregulation, your retailer will be negotiating better rates on your behalf!